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  • Beth Ayer Design modern kitchen with vingate history
  • Beth Ayer Design closet organizes life
  • Beth Ayer Design adds function to trash
  • Beth Ayer Design adds pop of color to faux window
  • Beth Ayer Design resources custom unique furnishings
  • Beth Ayer Design combines old and new
  • Beth Ayer Design bath remodel
  • Beth Ayer Design-handmade lowfire plate
  • Beth Ayer Design creates family kitchen

Let’s incorporate what you love and create a new refreshing space… don’t have to replace all of your furnishings to have a new updated home.  You just need someone to help you realize the potential of what you have—add a few new elements—and enjoy!

Single with your first home…..Enjoying a newly combined home….Ready to refresh and renew your “now” home….Finally ready for your dream home….Let Ayer Design help with all of your Interior Design needs. Design inspiration comes from a desire to help a client realize their wants and needs—anything is possible with every type of budget.  Let’s explore your dreams together.



Meet the Designer

Beth Ayer--Hollywood Casting Director turned Custom Pillow Maven and Interior Designer

Beth Ayer

Beth Ayer – Hollywood Casting Director turned Interior Designer and Potter

Fresh out of college and coming from the easy-going Southeastern coast, Beth Ayer found herself in a fast-paced LA career, rife with competitiveness and pressure. “Sink or swim kid” was the mantra that drove her to keep rising to, and overcoming, every challenging situation and assignment. Failure was never an option for demanding clients, and neither was the word “no” – so Beth found creative solutions.

During her time as a Hollywood Casting Director, Beth certainly thrived. And although maddening at times – it taught her to see things differently and further fueled her “can-do” attitude. Leaning into adversity left her inspired. She challenged herself to take risks and try new things – pottery and design amongst them. New hobbies turned to passions that led her to UCLA to pursue her passion in design.

The same traits that helped Beth navigate a tough career are now put to work in her design life – creativity, open-mindedness, and tenacity. Beth pours her heart into each project to create designs that are unique to each client – and she’s loving every minute of it.

  • Interior Design
  • Pottery
  •  Furniture Redesign
  •  Custom Pillows

Beth Ayer Design Philosophy

Uniquely You Design

Embracing the unexpected – honoring the expected

I blend styles, colors and textures that inspire my clients to live in and thrive in their surroundings. Everyday living becomes artistic yet approachable – comfortable and stylish. Design does not need to be pretentious or boastful, and it doesn’t always require trendy, expensive furnishings or accessories.

Living with, and showcasing, what you love

Design is personal and visually tells your story. Your treasures help me get to know and understand what’s important to you. Things you’ve collected, family heirlooms, a vintage table from the flea market – all help to inspire design that’s uniquely you. I find common threads amongst all your pieces, blend old and new, texture and color to create stunning results.

Being resourceful

The idea of refurbishing and reusing materials has been a part of the design fabric for generations. Today, with environmental concerns and resources being depleted, there is no better reason to recycle. Plus, the results can be stunning! A piece that might have been considered obsolete or passé, becomes a creatively unique new addition to a space. It’s a wonderful moment when I reveal a repurposed project to a client.

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